Bid bonds

Need to post a surety bond for your next project?

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Performance bonds

Your project owner is asking for a job completion guarantee?

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L&M bonds

Helps cover labor and materials cost in construction projects.

About us

Since 1994

We are proud to be an independent insurance and construction surety bonding agency servicing Texas, USA. That means we are your professional advisors and advocates, on your side, from the first call.

We take the time to understand you and your business, to prepare bonds that you can post to satisfy your tender requirements.

How to get Construction surety bonds

The process

Most jobs require the bidding contractor to post 5% collateral or cash up front. Instead, we prepare a bond for you that acts as your cash.


Are you bondable?

First, your company must be bondable. The Surety company looks at a contractor’s:

– Job experience
– Gross revenues
– Word on hand


Bonding facility setup

We arrange a per job limit for you to bid on. Most contractors start at $250k per job and $500k annual aggregate limits.


Preparing the bond

Instead of you putting your cash, we will provide you a bond that usually totals 5% of your bid price.


Tender day

We prepare and seal the bonds required for your bid to qualify. 

Then bonds are shipped or sent electronically to your project owner.


Awarded the job

If you get awarded/win the bid, we prepare final bonds (Performance & L&M) for the job to start.


Paying for the bond

Only when you win the bid, the bond will cost you 2.5% of your bid price. 

3 C’s of Bonding

To qualify your company for a bonding facility, the surety will look at what is known as the 3 C’s of bonding


How did the past jobs done by the contractor go?


Does the contractor have the resources support the job financially? 


Does the contractor have the ability to finish the job? 


Once your facility is setup, we prepare your bonds which you can post right away.

Client testimonials

Our clients, our family.

“Stokes Insurance has helped Solid Bridge Construction get started in the public construction market. Our bonding capacity has gone from 150k to over $10 Mil in a few short years. I can not say enough about the customer service, team work environment and communication. I highly recommend working with the team at Stokes Insurance.”

contractor finalizing his bid for tender date
Travis H.

“I have been a client of Stokes for over 11 years. I carry my home and car insurance with them. They always go above and beyond to help me answer questions, make payments on run rates. I would absolutely recommend them.”

Erica s.

Great staff. They explain things well and are very attentive to their customers. I highly recommend them

Tamara Stokes Client
Tamara P.
First time getting bonded? Have a tender coming up?